A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

So this actualy the first video game  that I'm trying to make.

The game it's basically a 2D runner with powers (A mobile game).

Im trying to make it easier compared to other runner games so the game is not that hard to complete but in exchange there are Ranks (based on the time used to complete a level) and to improve in these ranks the player needs use the powers.

Powers not only help the player to  complete a level faster but in some cases makes the level harder.

There it is another detail, every single jump (the game has double jump) slows you down just a little bit for the rest of the level but the second jump slows  more than the double (still a very little amount).

My main concert is the difficulty because  idk if i make it too easy or still too hard.

There it is a PC version just so more people can test it but I recommend the android one since it is a Mobile Game.

And sorry for my bad english.

I know that P-3 is bugget as hell( if you go really fast), will fix it when I got the time.

IT ONLY WORKS ON 16:9 ...For now.


Wcolor.apk 37 MB
PCWcolors.rar 19 MB

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